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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 6, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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agent arrested and deported four times by federal law, the second time is a felony. why aren't they in jail? good question. you can get in on the conversati conversation. and welcome to "hannity" this is a fox news alert. day three of our coverage in israel. and an emotional interview with the mother of naftali frankel, one of three teenagers kidnapped and murdered by hamas back in june. the onslaught of violence. also to wanight, my tour of jerusalem with dori gold. it's a can't-miss inside look at the old city you'll only see tonight on "hannity." but first, earlier today, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu held a press conference in jerusalem where we are where he addressed the
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conflict with terror group hamas. the prime minister not only expressed his deep regret for all civilian casualties but said it was a necessary response to hamas' terror attacks. watch what the prime minister said. >> we've gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid civilian casualties. hamas has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that they have civilian casualties. as you've just seen. now, let's imagine your country, could be any country, could be the u.s., could be britain, could be germany, france, india, you name it. let's imagine your country attacked by 3,500 rockets. your territory's infiltrated by death squads. what would you do? what would you demand that your government do to protect you and your family? >> now, we're going to have more of prime minister netanyahu's remarks later in the program. but first, a quick programming
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note, be sure to tune in tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. we'll be back in israel, and i will sit down with my one-on-one interview with the prime minister tomorrow night 10:00 eastern. meanwhile, back in washington, president obama, he also addrsed reporters today. and fox's own ed henry is standing by with a recap. ed? >> the president was hit pretty hard today, two new polls from cbs news, both with his approval rating around 40%. what he was trying to do was showcase himself a bit on the stage, trying to host a summit. but he hosted a news conference that yielded little news. the only questions he got about africa dealt with free press there and then he got a question about the ebola virus that has hit western africa pretty hard. there's been fear in the united states about that, as well. the president when asked about an experimental drug says he wants to be careful. let the science dictate whether or not this drug was approved.
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he was also pressed about other crises that overshadowed this summit, such as the violence in gaza, as well as russian troops amassing, again on the ukrainian border. and he was hit pretty hard about his use of executive power. abc news's jonathan carl asking the president about the 2008 campaign. when he said george w. bush's power should be reined in. saying congress has done very little and left the door wide open to issue an executive order in the weeks ahead that could potentially give work permits to millions of illegal immigrants. listen. >> my preference would be an actual comprehensive immigration law. and we already have a bipartisan law that would solve a whole bunch of these problems. until that happens, i'm going to have to make choices. that's what i was elected to do. >> now that go-it-alone strategy got low marks from the nbc news "wall street journal" poll in particular. 64% saying they are somewhat or very dissatisfied with the state
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of the u.s. economy right now. 62% saying they are somewhat or very dissatisfied about america's role in the world right now. and 71% of adults said they believe the nation right now is on the wrong track. that is some tough medicine for a lame duck president who is facing some big midterm elections in a couple of months. and meanwhile, back to the middle east where israel has agreed to extend the cease-fire with hamas in gaza. on the ground in gaza city with the latest tonight. rick. >> reporter: on this second night of quiet here in gaza, israel's prime minister is talking tough saying this war is justified and israel's response has been proportionate. he says israel regrets every single casualty, but hamas wants its civilians to die as pr fodder. the israelis say they're willing to extend the peace deadline beyond the friday morning cutoff. but hamas, apparently, isn't as willing.
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hamas is saying it will, in fact, let rockets fly again friday morning unless there are significant advancements at those peace talks in cairo. and this tough talk from hamas might surprise people based on the vast destruction we're seeing here across gaza. gaza has been battered. we have seen town after town, block after block of obliteration. intended to destroy hamas tunnels, kill the fighters, eliminate weapons and convince the people to stop the fighting. perhaps this three-day truce is evidence that some of this is working. but there is a long and difficult road ahead for everyone here with some 10,000 buildings destroyed, 10,000 people wounded and almost 2,000 dead and damages estimated at $6 billion in gaza and a war bill of some $4 billion for israel. earlier today, we saw the personal cost of two families who lived in a home in rafah to the south. they say they left soon after the fighting began. and when they returned yesterday, they found their house had been absolutely shattered to heavy damages to
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every wall, every floor, every window and every door. their home was on top of and next to tunnels used by hamas to attack and kill israeli soldiers. and the family said it had no idea the tunnels were there. we don't know if that's true. but either way, they're clearly paying a heavy price. now, tonight, president obama weighed in on the 30-day-old war saying no country would tolerate rockets being fired into their cities and he supports israel's rights to defend itself against attacks that hamas is acting improperly by placing rocket launchers in civilian neighborhoods and putting people at risk. the question is, how long will thiso on? and how can we find peace here in gaza? >> thank you. and while the cease-fire has temporarily halted the violence between israel and the terror group hamas. unfortunately, that was not the case back in june when hamas terrorists kidnapped and murdered three innocent israeli teen boys. they were abducted from a west bank hitching post on june 12th and murdered shortly thereafter.
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now, that act of terror ignited the middle east violence we've been witnessing now for more than a month. it is the reason we are reporting in part from israel today. one of the victims, naftali frankel had dual citizenship. and his mother shared the very emotional story. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> you've lost your son, parents' worst nightmare. >> this becomes a huge national issue. start with the day your son is a student, the abduction of three boys. walk us through that day. >> well, my son texted us that he's on his way home. and he's 16 years old, he's okay, very independndent, that night we decide to go to sleep early.
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we texted him, great, when are you coming? next thing we know, there are cops banging on our door because his classmates he was traveling with didn't show up. they went to the police and sent policemen to us. so for a second there, we thought it was all about going up to his room and finding them both in their beds. and once they weren't there, we knew something horrible happened because these were very responsible kids and they wouldn't just disappear. >> and it became a big, huge national story. when did you get confirmation that, in fact, your son and two other ys were kidnapped? >> so -- within a couple of hours, we already knew that the last signals from their cell phones were in the area,hich is totally not the direction of our house. and then we knew things were really bad. >> yeah. and then it became for an entire nation 18 years -- i'm sorry, 18
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days you all came together, the country. were you surprised at how the country every day was captivated in hopes that these boys would be found? >> i wasn't surprised, but it was an amazing experience. i wasn't surprised because, you know, kidnapping a child in israel, it's not something that could just go by. our children are everything to us. i imagine that anywhere -- any place in the world. life here is cherished and children are the most important thing we have. and i wasn't surprised. but it was amazing because we weren't left alone for a second in any way. we were taken care of in every possible way and with so much solidarity from israel. from the jews, non-jews, from people all over the world. people became so emotionally
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involved and everybody had their pictures on their refrigerators, their lawns, and it wasn't the private issue. it was agonizing, but at least i felt i share this with so many people. >> you had seven children. how is the rest of your family doing? >> we're trying to monitor it. some are very young. my youngest is 4. so he speaks about it nonchalantly, but i don't know where the pain is hiding yet. and he doesn't understand the finality. he doesn't understand that he'll never see his brother. and others, each -- with their own age are dealing with this in their own way. >> the prime minister said at the time, anyone trying to harm israeli civilians will be harmed in return. this led to the rocket -- the rockets, more rockets being fired by hamas into israel. 18 days later, you find out your son was brutally murdered.
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and then since then, israel has been at war. >> it gives some context. what happened was there was a very intense military effort to find them. and was actually very, attempting to be very gentle toward the population, but intense toward hamas. that was not in gaza. for some reason, gaza, hamas chose to become involved. it led to discovering all the tunnels they were digging under our communities. and now when i say it gives context, we suffered a terrible tragededy and that's the person issue. but on a national level, it might have saved dozens of lives. >> in other words, the fact that you found these tunnels. were you surprised about -- i was in one of them.
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>> you were? >> yes, ma'am. i was. and i got to tell you, it was so well built. so -- the infrastructure is so incredibly well designed and engineered and goes on for up such -- 60 feet underground and goes on for miles. >> it's frustrating because the general population in gaza needs houses, shelters, what people need. and all that -- hospitals and schools and kindergartens all that cement, and all the effort. >> israeli cement. >> israeli, international -- yeah, it's not gaza cement. it's human aid that comes from all over. and it was all sent there to build terrorist tunnels that really literally go under kindergartens and communities. >> the mother of one of the alleged kidnappers at one point while all this was going on said if they, israel, accuses her son of the kidnapping, and if it is
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a true accusation, i will be proud of him until judgment day. in other words, proud they kidnapped and killed your son. >> you know, i can't even relate to that. there's such a culture gap there. something about the hamas culture around it is turning this into the ultimate sacred act. killing and being killed. and in my culture and religion and general atmosphere here, it's all about life and trying to live well and hopefully in peace. so -- it's beyond my comprehension. >> you addressed the united nations. i've said many times in my humble belief that i believe -- it's a pretty radical organization. and even when you spoke there, they kind of turned a deaf ear to you. did you feel that?
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>> nobody really listens. it's once you present something, you present something it becomes a legitimate issue. the press coverage and met with a president of the red cross. and the reason we went there was to give it some public impact. >> during this period, you spoke many times of the prime minister. the prime minister's wife came to your house? >> they were both amazing. >> tell us what they were telling you at the time. >> mrs. netanyahu was relating to us in a very emotional way. she was very emotionally involved. she was with our kids, she was in our home, we spoke to her. really, we felt her heart is totally into this. and her sons were involved in different ways on the social networks to try to promote this. and the prime minister, we let him do his job. he was keeping us in the picture
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as far as the military attempt and the intelligence attempt and what we know as far as they could tell us. and we knew he was doing everything. >> i can't imagine a worse thing a mother goes through. thank you for sharing your story. and we wish you and your family all the best. >> thank you. and coming up, dori gold gives me a detailed tour through the old city here in jerusalem. we also discuss the threat of radical islam today. that and much more as "hannity" continues from jerusalem on the ground in israel straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity" as we continue our coverage on the ground. we're in israel and we are reporting tonight from jerusalem where earlier today, i got an extensive tour of the city.
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he shared his extensive knowledge and history of the city and gave me a experience to remember. take a look at part one. >> all right. here we are with former israeli ambassador to the u.n. >> good to see you. >> i want you to describe where we are and sort of weave in the context and the texture of why where we are is so significant to the battles that israel is facing today. >> we are entering jerusalem -- the connection to the sea port of old rafah. the ally of the empire, imperial germany, visited this place, and since then it's been open. but the empire took jerusalem in 1517, and it's been -- that's part of the whole succession of different rulers who ruled it
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since the romans destroyed the jewish commonwealth. >> and the historical significance is that the jewish people have been here all throughout history. and prior to the 1948 plan, this is their home, their history. >> we had a jewish revolt in the year 135. led by a great jewish hero, son of the star. that was his name. and the emperor made it roman law that jews could not live in jerusalem. forbidden. and they would only come once a year on the 9th of the hebrew month where they go to the western wall and weep. it became the wailing wall. >> this is the entranceway to jerusalem, to the old city of jerusalem. there is the market where everyone buys carpet.
7:20 pm
>> right over here. >> all kinds of knickknacks memorabilia, souvenirs. we're going up here to the armenian quarter. >> i think that's significant and important. >> the quarters are not strictly ethnically divided. in other words, there are muslims who live in the christian quarter, and the same is true with the jewish quarter. israel claims jerusalem is the undivided capital. >> right. >> and it was nobody else's capital ever. >> right. when the muslims conquered what we called the land of israel, they made their capital not in jerusalem. and this is true of virtually all the empires that came here.
7:21 pm
there was a kalafait. >> you're bringing up a good point, that is radical islam and a desire for a worldwide kalafait. for example, we see today krthe saying convert. they've had to flee now and the persecution continues in the name of that kalafait, is that correct? >> that's absolutely correct. mosul has an ancient church. christians have lived there for centuries. and basically, they've been given now under this new so-called kalafait three choices. >> right. pay the tax. >> pay the -- yes, which is a muslim poll tax, convert or the sword. >> or die. >> jerusalem is under israel,
7:22 pm
it's a mosaic. it's not a blender where you mix everybody up and come up with a, you know, one identity. >> right. >> but you learn to live with people who are different than you. and you respect them. and therefore modern israel, it's essential to be the protector of all the great faiths. we are protectors of christiandom here. >> you are the protector of it, but i want you to give us the texture or the context of how that impacts radical islamists that lay claim that jerusalem cannot be the capital of israel, for example. >> well, it's particularly relevant. after this last war, you're going to see a renewed effort of many governments in europe, in the third world, there'll be voices in the third world, as well, who say, you know what, the only way to stabilize the middle east is to impose a peace settlement based on the position of jerusalem. if israel ever lost its nerve
7:23 pm
and divided jerusalem, the results would be disastrous. because what weould get is what you're seeing in mosul where churches are attacked and burned. what you're seeing in alexandria. that would be -- that would happen here in this peaceful city. >> why? why are we seeing this now at this moment? the rise of radical islam and the rise of anti-semitism in europe and elsewhere? >> radical islam is not only intolerant with respect to any of the people around it, including christians, other muslims and jews, but particu r particularly jews. and they even have a term that means that you're going to take a muslim and declare he's no longer a muslim. in fact, he can be killed. if they're doing that to muslims, imagine what they'll do to jews. >> and christians.
7:24 pm
>> and christians. >> now you have the rise of the new group isis. one of the more brutal radical islamist groups out there. that has to be viewed as a worldwide threat considering it's convert or die. >> i mean, what they're doing is mass execute people. i saw recently in syria, they took over a city, and they took all the syrian soldiers they found, beheaded them and put the heads on posts on a fence in the center of town. these are extremely brutal individuals who are motivated by distorted views of religion. and the question is what is the west going to do? is the west going to say, no, we have to oppose this? we have to stand for our values of tolerance and liberty? or is the west going to suck come to this? >> and coming up, part two of my extensive tour of the e old cit with ambassador gold. and later, more highlights from prime minister netanyahu's
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plus, sensitivity to light and sound, even nausea. excedrin migraine works. welcome back to "hannity," we continue now with part two of my tour of jerusalem with former israeli ambassador to the u.n. long time diplomat dori gold. tell me where we are. >> we are walking into the heart of the jewish quarter. this is an old byzantine road that was discovered a couple of decades ago. and there was a huge marketplace here under roman rule. we'll continue on towards the heart of the jewish quarter. there's a myth -- >> yeah. >> among many people that the jews. asked people, when was there a jewish majority in jerusalem? i lectured and most people say oh, jewish majority, 1967, or
7:28 pm
no, 1948. >> yeah. by the way, '48, '67 is the war. the '73 war. that's the borders changed in '67. >> this area was controlled by the kingdom of jordan. >> right. >> which did not allow jews to live here. >> right. >> they first of all, ethnically cleansed this city of all the jews who had been here for cities, cleansed them out, pushed them out of the old city walls. it's invaded by lebanon, syria, transjordan. an expeditionary force -- >> when the first prime minister reaches out his hand to all his neighbors. he used the term good neighborliness. >> in our declaration of independence. you want peace. >> yeah. >> we were invaded by these armies, supported by european powers, by the way. >> right. >> we had a complete arms
7:29 pm
embargo against the state of israel. we had to smuggle weans in. there was a whole industry of struggling material so we could defend ourselves. >> right. >> at that time. jewish populatn for so many years was ethnically cleansed by the jordanians. heart of the jewh quarter. this is one of the great old synagogues that has been revi l revived. >> it was the old city of jerusalem back in the 19th century. it's built right next to another very interesting synagogue. the synagogue of the ramban. and you can see the words ramban, that's an acronym for a great jewish rabbi from spain who came here and settled here. in 1267.
7:30 pm
people think, oh, there were no jews here, then. what are you talking about? this place is full of jews. in fact, i've got to share with you something. i sent one of my analysts to the british archives. >> right. >> and i asked him, look at the british consulate records about what was the ethnic breakdown in jerusalem? and he finds for me a document in the british consulate in the year 1864. >> mm-hmm. >> the time of the american civil war. >> sure. >> and the document says that the year earlier in 1863, there was a jewish majority in jerusalem. had nothing to do with the british empire, nothing to do with the zionist movement. nothing to do. they were streaming back for centuries, from all over the world. >> right. >> fromraine, spain, yemen, to live in their ancient capital. and by then, we'd recovered a jewish majority. >> the heart of the conflict, the capital of jerusalem, or is it deeper? and that is the rise of radical islam.
7:31 pm
>> the heart of this conflict is what is the destiny of the middle east. >> mm-hmm. >> one color, meaning radical islam, or is the middle east going to be what it historically was. and a region with different peoples, different religions, who live next to each other like in the quarters of jerusalem. >> where they are now. >> and that goes to the four quarters. >> right. are we going to live together and respect each other? or are we going to say those that don't conform to the dominant religion have to be thrown out of the middle east. >> israel now is actually getting more moral support from jordan, from some of the emirates, from saudi arabia of all places. in other words, they see they want to push back on radicalism even more than the west. and you see in the west and france and germany and the united states and united kingdom, the rise of
7:32 pm
anti-semitism. >> these people understand, the arabs understand the danger of radical islam. they've en al qaeda rise. they've seen their own children attracted to radical islam, volunteering for jihad in iraq and syria. >> right. >> and they say we can't allow this to continue. >> why don't they rise against it? i would argue i see the saudis play both sides of the fence, as do other countri. one thing privately and publicly they're -- or privately they're funding some of these radical groups. >> saudi arabia in the past funded the muslim brotherhood. >> that's my point. muslim brothers kicked out of egypt, kicked out of syria. >> yeah. >> came to saudi arabia to get jobs in the university, in those big charities. >> right. >> but then, after 9/11, they woke up. >> yep. >> prince niev, one of the successors to the saudi throne gave a speech that the source of
7:33 pm
jihadism -- >> right. >> -- is the muslim brotherhood. the saudis who one-time funded the muslim brotherhood. after 9/11, they recognized the error that was. >> you believe that? >> i believe the highest levels do. i believe there are probably certain who have a radical orientation who continue to try and fund these groups. and coming up, prime minister benjamin netanyahu, what's next on his plan to dismantle this terror group? coming up next, i'll speak with one of the prime minister's top advisers about that and much more as "hannity" from jerusalem continues. nexium®,is now available, without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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and welcome back to "hannity," we are in jerusalem on the ground in israel. and as wementioned earlier,
7:38 pm
israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu held a press conference right here in jerusalem today, and among his remarks, he stressed the importance of preventing hamas from rearming. watch what he said. >> hamas wants to be held accountable for the tragic loss of life. it must be ostracized from the family of nations for its callous abuse of civilians. and hamas must be prevented from rearming as part of gaza's general demilitarization. >> joining me now, a top adviser to the israeli prime minister, israeli minister of intelligence is with us. sir, how are you? welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> if you look at the cease-fire, this is pretty interesting to me. they had their tunnels, hamas. they had their rockets, they had their infrastructure, some of their leaders. the same deal they were offered, you know, 90 -- so many weeks ago. they didn't take, now they're taking it. is it because they really lost the war? >> there can be no doubt that hamas has suffered very heavy
7:39 pm
blow to its military infrastructure, to its rocket stockpile and storages, to tunnels leading from gaza into israel. there's no doubt about it. but look, we didn't understand hamas in the first place. only three weeks ago, suddenly out of the blue, they began to launch hundreds of rockets every day into israel. and forced us to fight back. they refused to accept the proposal as you mentioned. already two or three weeks ago. and now they accepted it. let's wait and see. you know, with such terror organization, with such barbaric attitude like al qaeda, hamas, isis, boko haram -- >> the charter calls for oblitera obliteration of israel, the killing of jews, they say they at judgment will not come about
7:40 pm
until the muslims fight the jews killing the jews. the stones and trees will say -- there's a jew behind me come and kill him. you say you didn't know, but that's in the charter. >> yeah, no. we know the nature of tis terrorist organization. as i mentioned beffore, it's th basic ideology is not different of al qaeda, boko haram or isis in iraq. we didn't understand why this started one day out of the blue only three weeks ago. of course, suffered very heavy blow. but still, i must say, we didn't touch the core of the problem. the core of the problem. people should ask themselves, why we are fighting in gaza. the answer is very simple, because remain demilitarized. because nobody -- thousands of missiles and rockets. so the problem is that we have
7:41 pm
got a commitment signed by the -- that gaza in the west bank will remain demilitarized forever. and it was not kept. therefore, the core of any genuine solution should be the demilitarization of gaza. this is the only way, you know, to prevent terrorism and to enable -- to get -- for the people of gaza. >> the problem is to get demilitarized area of gaza, you also have to have the world community join with israel. and as the prime minister said today, ostracizing hamas as a terror organization. we saw during this conflict it was mysterious reluctance and resistance from identifying, you know, who the bad guys were here. who the terrorists were here. how do you do that based on that political environment? >> yeah. i must tell you, i was surprised, for example, the statement of former preresident
7:42 pm
jimmy carter that say hamas is a legitimate organization. >> legitimate political organization. >> i wonder if it would say so also in al qaeda, it's only okay to fight against israel. but using terrorist methods like sending suicide bombers like launching rockets into civilian israeli israeli cities or -- boko haram was fighting in africa, also a legitimate organization. but i must tell you that we do appreciate the very clear statement both from america that president obama and john kerry and the european foreign ministers that they say gaza should be demilitarized. >> well, what about the united nations? the top diplomat, the foreign minister saying before the u.n. criticizes israel, it should
7:43 pm
make sure its facilities isn't being used to encourage activity. showing how humans were being used as shields by hamas in this conflict. >> this is an ugly tactic. and you know, we, israel, we really are sorry for any civilian casualtiesn gaza. we didn't want the violence. we accepted the proposal for the cease-fire three weeks ago. and they told us to fight against them in the populated area. >> when israel goes to the united nations. i said for years, i believe it is an anti-semitic organization, and the united states spends a lot of money helping to fund that organization. mistake? >> no, this is true. two things, even the u.n. admitted once, in three different locations. in three different schools, stockpile of rockets and they ask hamas to take them from the schools. but they discover. in thr cases i can tell you
7:44 pm
many schools and hospitals, rockets were storage -- from the schoolyard into israel. so what can we do? we have to protect our people. can we tell our people, look, we have the right of self-defense? but from civilian neighborhoods, we can do nothing about it. secondly, the same ban ki moon one year ago admitted that double standard against israel in all u.n. organizations. like the human rights organization, and this is wrong. and suddenly, joining the same attitude. you know, also, the united states and britain and russia and many other countries have to fight islamic terrorist organizations like al qaeda and so on and so forth. and nobody, nobody asked to investigate the united states or
7:45 pm
britain or france after you were fighting in serbia or afghanistan. >> what's happening in syria? >> there were civilian casualties, as well. >> everywhere. all right. thank you for being with us. appreciate your time. thank you so much. and coming up tonight, an arrest has been made in connection with the kidnapping and murder of three israeli teens including naftali fraenkel. coming up next, i'll talk to a spokesman about that and more. h. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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my interview with richelle fraenkel. my next guest has confirmed that an arrest has been made in connection with to that horrific terrorist incident, which in many ways started the current crisis here in the middle if it's my son, i'd be proud of him. if he kidnapped andnd killed the three israeli teenagers how do you feel with a mind set as evil and sick and twisted as that? >> military is a practical body. we have boots on the ground we make sure we get the job done. that is what we're all about. we tackle challenges and try to make sure they don't reach their destinati destination. >> and every day, we have
7:51 pm
intelligence, boots on the ground and will get them. >> so, about 40 confirmed tunnels i was at one of them, expected to be found do you expect there are more tunnels you've not discovered yet? >> it's a possibility what. we know in 32 tunnels we've exposed, many we knew before we went n we had intelligence we got boots on the ground we're able to find them. we found more. indeed there are 32 tunnels. what we need to do -- >> about 50 feet below ground? >> usually deeper. >> when you see it's -- they go down to 30 meters. >> wow. >> that is deep. >> going 120 feet in the ground? >> yes. >> it's important they don't have a threat to attack us simultaneously. that is taken away.
7:52 pm
>> what is interesting is that there is a post about how israel may build an underground fence does that mean you're going to go 200 feet into the ground? and build it around the perimeter? america can't build a fence to keep immigrants from walking across the border. >> there are challenges of the tunnels physical barriers can help. >> we may want to take you back to america with us if you're talking about 100 feet down below surface to prevent tunnels from getting built, you think america could secure the border above ground? >> we have above ground cells. that is why they went beneath. they were attacking us beneath the fence
7:53 pm
we'll look at several solutions. whether technology or other. >> let me ask you. israel national news is addressing orthodox jews. >> that is not a new thing they do. every time, even in the case with this abduction of the three teenagers every time they've tried they're usually dressed up as something would look jewish or israeli they try to make sure they're tanned and have head covers and it's not new. this is the type of thing they try to mix in. that is how they operate. >> what do you think of american politicians and former president jimmy carter says hamas is a legitimate political actor. i've been reverencing the hamas charter. a former speaker of the house in the united states says the
7:54 pm
qataris tell me hamas is a humanitarian organization. what is your reaction of such ignorance? >> they've carried out in the history of israel numerous suicide bombings and are globally labelled as a terrorist organization. >> that is what makes the former speaker's coents so disconcerting right? >> we know where they stand. now, launching rockets into israel. for us that makes it clear cut. there is no question about what this is all about. it's terror first of all. >> the disconcerting. that is just a level of ignorance you shouldn't exert amongst your closest ally. that is my editorial. coming up, as we continue from jerusalem right after the break tonight, they'll just stay with us we'll have more still to come straight ahead.
7:55 pm
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8:00 pm
prime minister benjiman netanyahu. thanks for joining us. it's the "hannity" program. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> president obama is not using the power of the presidency. basic power of the american presidency is the power to persuade >> but is mr. obama beyond persuading anyone? a new poll sends him a message from the folks. we'll run it down for you tonight. >> just to be precise and all foreign aid including the foreign aid to israel as well, is that right? >> yes. >> but now senator paul has changed his story on israel sore so it seems. tonight we'll debut a brand-new segment called "truth or spin?" >> why? >> because you're lazy. >> the iconic


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